How do I realize what’s or isn’t k to the percentage at the Scratch internet site?

Check out the Scratch Community Guidelines – they’re quick and don’t encompass quite a few criminal stuff. There’s a hyperlink at the lowest of each web page on Scratch.

What do I do if I see something that’s irrelevant?

You can click on the hyperlink that says “record” on any challenge for  real scratch-off games  remark, and dialogue publish, studio, or profile web page in which you spot something that is not adequate for Scratch. If the state of affairs is complicated, you could use the Contact Us hyperlink (to be had at the lowest of each web page) to explain. Be positive to encompass as a great deal elements as you could, with hyperlinks to applicable pages.

What do I do if I see a person being implied or disrespectful?

Don’t upload to the flames! Responding to intend feedback with extra imply feedback simply makes matters worse and will bring about your account being blocked. Instead, record something this is disrespectful or unconstructive, and we’ll comply with up with the writer. We test reviews each day, a couple of instances in step with day – so relaxation assured, we’re going to kind matters out.

What does the Scratch group do while something is pronounced or flagged?

The Scratch Team’s opinions pronounced feedback and tasks each day. If something breaks the Scratch Community Guidelines, we can do away with it and ship a caution to the account. We might also block the money owed on real scratch-off games or networks that had been used to percentage it, relying on what became shared and if the individual has been dispatched warnings earlier than

Someone was given get right of entry to my account and was given my account blocked. What do I do?

You are answerable for maintaining your password secure. If a person you already know took manipulated your account and did awful matters, inform the adults in fee of the laptop they used. If you believe you studied a person you don’t realize has to get the right of entry to your account, alternate the password and/or use the Contact Us hyperlink to explain the state of affairs.

If your account became blocked for doing something you did which broke the real scratch-off games Community Guidelines, please don’t inform us that a person else did it. When humans inform us a person else used their account to do something awful, we then want to try to speak to that individual earlier than we can repair the account. In this manner, your account will simply live blocked for lots longer than in case you are sincere with us approximately what occurred.

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