High complicated high roller online casino bonus

When I first started playing at the casino online a few years ago, I was a real bonus prostitute who tried every possible way to get free casino money, every free change and gamble. I have never bought the maximum amount of money at that time to receive maximum bonus amount, because I always thought: “Hey, I will win finally, I don’t want to spend $ 50 extra to get more green to my casino account!” Of course, I lost everything and quickly deposited again, this time without a bonus, which clearly means I’m not too good to handle Jumpy.

This is not what I know. Even though I am not playing slots, blackjack, and craps very often in online casinos, I still jump once and give myself a chance. Some people might call me a “bonus prostitute” even now, because I chose a casino with a bonus. I did not do it systematically because I run my own gambling site and I continue to get a generous bonus offer that I save most for my visitors.

What I do now – I am looking for the most generous bonus amount that I can get from the casino with my first purchase and I bought the bonus himself. Looking for generous bonus amounts including the terms and conditions of reading carefully and do some research work to make sure I’m not cheated.

I call this big bonus high roller bonus, because they are perfect for people who like to play long sessions and are willing to spend a lot of money to win big. High rollers also realize that they will lose the long term, but if they will lose, why not lose the minimum amount of money? This is the root bonus online casino that must be understood by every player.

Because most of these high roller bonuses have the same terms and conditions, I will bring you a few examples of random casinos and explain it to you. The following is very important, because if you don’t follow the provisions, you might lose all the victories and bonuses themselves too.

The first example is from Racetrack Casino, which has a deposit bonus of 20% to $ 500. For the benefit of a fair game, they require you to bet at least six times the total amount of deposited plus a bonus, until a maximum bet of $ 18,000 for each bonus deposit plus is made During the time bonus promotion. The following is very important for you to understand! – If you make a withdrawal before betting six times your deposit and bonus, the bonus and victory money will be removed from your account.

Another example comes from Europa Casino. This casino claims to have a $ 2400 speech bonus for all players, although not too. They have one of the hardest bonus systems. I personally only use a $ 500 welcome bonus, which is actually a 25% deposit bonus. “Low roller” must be done with 100% first deposit bonus with the first smaller shopping.

For bonuses: For the benefit of a fair game, they are ordered to cash some money, you have to bet at least twelve times Bonus Play Bonus Plus. Players deposit on u.K. The pound must bet at least eighteen times your game bonus plus deposit. If you withdraw before achieving the minimum betting requirements, your bonus and victory will be canceled. So, once again a similar bonus structure.

At least now you can understand why the casino offers bonuses – it’s not too possible you have a lot of money left when you bet at least twelve times the bonus plus you plus deposit. But you can always be lucky, and this is what we all want when we enter the casino!

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