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Bingo is a numeric combination game that evolved from the sixteenth century Italian lottery. The Italian government introduced Bingo’s game as a means to raise money for the country after the reunification of Italy. Immediately grow in popularity and finally spread to other countries in Europe.

At the end of the 18th century it was played by French nobles and used by German school children for educational purposes. In North America in the late 1920s, this game was played with the name Beano. Even though takeoff as a gambling game, it was socially accepted and was one of the popular ways to raise money for charity and for fun at parties and get-gethers.

Factors that make popular bingo:

* Bingo game is fun

* Simple bingo games: do not have complicated rules, play strategies or do not require skills

* Bingo game allows players to relax in land-based Balo Bingo

* The Bingo game allows players to talk to other players in the area: Socialization is always one of the big aspects of land-based bingo games

* People treat bingo games as a social event and hope to see their friends in the match

* Bingo game is a form of maintenance of charity funds in the church

* People play bingo games for fun and entertainment: People treat the cost of playing game bingo worth entertainment

Bingo game type:

* UK Bingo Halls: Most English Bingo Halls offers 90 bingo game numbers. Here, bingo tickets have nine columns and numbers rise to 90. There are five numbers in each row and bingo achieved when players complete one, two or three lines. The eighty version of this game is relatively new.

* US bingo room: seventy-five numbers or the American version of Bingo played on a card with five numbers with five grid numbers with one letter from the Bingo word in each column.

Bingo games are also different in line settings, vertical, horizontal or diagonal or even shaped like letters, symbols or animals.

Bingo game:

* The first person to complete the bingo pattern, call “bingo”

* Stop game and number of tickets counted

* The player is declared a winner and is provided with a number of prizes

* If there is more than one winner, the gift is divided between all the winners

* Progressive jackpot game adds pleasure and excitement

* Progressive jackpot offers a jackpot increase with every game.

* To win a large jackpot, the player must reach bingo in a certain number of calls

* The number of calls in the progressive jackpot increases with each game because it makes it easier to win

* This contributes to game variations is a gift

* Players also accumulate bonus points in the loyalty program

* Bonus points can be converted into betting credit or redeemed for merchandise

Bingo game is a fair luck game: Bingo Balls numbered really mixed in the mixing room of the bingo machine. The ball was drawn independently and randomly and the caller Bingo announced the number. This gives every bingo card the same opportunity to have a winning amount.

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